Turning of Days Review

Book Review: 

This collection of essays by Hannah Anderson fulfills the old theater adage: Leave them wanting more! With exquisite prose, she chronicles her own Turning of Days, one season at a time, taking note of creation and meandering between description and application. My plan is to keep the book on my night stand this year for a leisurely re-read in season.

Delicate hand drawings and well-chosen scripture verses support each essay, and so does Anderson’s world view, which has been shaped by eternal truth and by her close association with the land, family, and community. Because I am also a gardener and a woman subject to the variances and vicissitudes of nature, I found myself nodding in agreement, page after page, celebrating the ways and means of God and lamenting the fact that once the harvest begins, the weeding comes to a screeching halt.

One thing is certain: reading “Summer” in February proved to be so tantalizing, I scurried to gather my seed catalogs and start making plans, knowing full well that my days of planting, weeding, and tending were still an excruciating three months away! Fortunately, Hannah has also given me something to ponder while I wait:

This is what you do in winter: you plan for spring.
This is what you do when the earth lies dark: you plan for dawn.
This is what you do when death seems to reign: you plan for resurrection.”