Uncovering the Love of Jesus Review

Book Review: 

A couple weeks ago, I received Asheritah Ciuciu newest book, Uncovering the Love of Jesus. Again, another beautiful book, this is similar to her book Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, which we use during Advent season. I am excited to use this new book during the upcoming Lent season!!

This newest book is a devotional for Lent. I know some of you have never heard of Lent or don’t see it as necessary, to which is true. However, Asheritah, does a wonderful job explaining what Lent is and what it is not, and also why you may want to participate in the Lent season. For me, I find following the church season a time that helps me to draw near to the Lord, while participating as a family together.
“Lent itself will not bring you closer to God. But in the hands of our heavenly Father, Lent becomes an invitation to uncover the love of Jesus, in a far greater way than we had ever imagined.”
She also talks about fasting or offering up a sacrifice for Lent. In this book, she invites you to join her in uncovering the love of Jesus towards others, asking yourself who is God calling you to love during this season?
“This life of love is not meant to earn God’s favor; Jesus already did that through His death on the cross. We’re not trying to impress God or curry His goodwill. Quite the opposite. It is because of Jesus’ great love toward us, filling us, and flowing through us that we live lives of sacrificial love. This isn’t an equation of earning; it’s a response of gratefulness.”
This book provides you with a daily devotion that you can do alone or with your family. Included are activities to do each week. Daily Scripture to read, along with discussion questions. Suggested Scripture memorization to do. Also, a daily challenge section, something to do during the Lenten journey that will help you grow in faith.