Unexplainable Jesus Review

Book Review: 

In truth, while studying God's immeasurable Word, all you need is your Bible. But I enjoy doing Bible studies along with it. For me, those studies help me dig deeper & see other perspectives in the Scripture that I may never had learned before.

"How beautiful that God in the flesh made His dwelling among the craftsman instead of the religious elite."
- Unexplainable Jesus, Erica Wiggenhorn -

This study by Erica Wiggenhorn is no exception. She takes you to the cultural origins of the Jewish people, the times they lived in, and how the culture & beliefs systems worked. It was soooo very interesting, and added all-knew perspective to the gospel of Luke and how Jesus taught His disciples & those listening in. It brought a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, and certainly got my mind thinking in different ways.

For instance, in the parables Jesus taught to the people, He often seemed to speak in riddles or bring to their minds a radial way of thinking. That was because over the generations, they had been taught laws & traditions that had slowly fallen away from the original purposes. He used radical analogies & stories to point this out, and bring about a different, open-minded way of thinking for those willing to listen.

"In any place & every place where the stench of judgment & death threatens to overtake you, remember Christ's promise: 'Didn't I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?'"
(in reference to John 11:40)

All in all, I would highly recommend this study if you would like to delve more deeply into Jesus' teachings. Better yet, make it a group study! There's some great questions included for discussion as well as some looking more clearly into your own life as an individual before a holy God. I will give you a heads up also: some passages of Luke's book is skipped over. I'm not exactly sure why, except maybe it was to fit as much as possible in the 8 weeks and those were cut for time & space. No biggie, but nice to know in advance!

If you jump in on this one, I hope you enjoy & grow in your walk with our amazing & unexplainable King!

"Could it be that when Jesus asks us to exercise faith before He step in & works, He is asking us to remember the greatness of God in whom our faith lies?"
- Unexplainable Jesus -