Unlocking Your Family Patterns Review

Book Review: 

Unlocking Your Family Patterns by Drs. Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Earl Henslin, and Dave Carder is a useful introduction in how harmful patterns are passed on through generations, and how these trends can be stopped. The authors' combined years of experience in working with thousands of families adds a realism that lends credibility and clarity to the principles and ideas that each chapter is based on. The authors take turns writing each chapter which allows the reader to experience the topic from complimentary, yet different, points of view.

The most unique and best aspect of Unlocking Your Family Patterns that distinguishes it from other family counseling books, is the fact that each chapter includes a biblical family that illustrates the chapter's main focus. The examples help the reader understand what could be abstract concepts without such clear examples. It is always dangerous to take a modern day concept and impose it on scripture; however, the patterns discussed have existed as long as families have, and the authors are careful to start with the scripture and show how what the text says illustrates the pattern being spoken of, not the other way around.

After giving examples from both scripture and his own counseling experience, each author gives steps that can be taken to break each pattern and find healing. Questions are included at the end of each chapter to help the reader examine that chapter's particular pattern in more depth in his/her own life and family.

Overall, Unlocking Family Patterns has a logical flow and is very easy to understand. The authors are able to communicate what could be complex psychological thoughts in a clear and concise manner. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in how one's family's past affects today, as well as those interested in breaking those patterns and finding healing.