The Unsaved Christian Review

Book Review: 

The southern region of the United States is a hot–bed for religious culture. The words religious culture are used because of the cultural–Christian movement that is the foundation of the south.

Also, in the south are areas of brackish waters. These waters are a mix of salt and fresh waters which can allow for species of each water type to dwell in both/and. When you think about it, many people in the south would classify themselves as Christians without any kind of distinguishing characteristics, other than they go to church or “believe”.

This book does zoom in on the specifics of this very idea. There are things in this book that are often ignored in the church culture, but lately, seem to becoming more and more spoken of. Books like this one will help aid in drawing a line in the sand and distinguishing between the fresh and salty waters.

One of the gray areas of this book is in trying to determine between an unsaved person and a person who is just saved with little growth/fruit. Of course, as time goes on, the proof will be there or be lacking, of course.

This book is helpful for those who are neck-deep in the church culture and helpful for those who might find themselves being called to serve in the bible-belt short-term or long-term.

Thank you to MPnewsroom for the book in exchange for an unbiased review.