Until Every Child is Home Review

Book Review: 

Very few people today who are in tune to the issues of fostering and adoption would dispute Dr. Chipman urgent plea this book. There are few issues more pressing today that of the caring for orphans. How the church is to respond is of great significance. Dr. Chipman does not merely make an empty for the church to make an impact on orphan care, he himself has skin in the game. As a pastor and seminary professor, he not only teaches that we should care for orphans but also puts it into practice, having himself adopted children from the foster care system.

This book is not so much a theological treatise on adoption as much as a pastoral plea. It is very evident that author believes the church is the answer the orphan crisis. Dr. Chipman touches on for Orphans is mandated in the Bible, fulfills the Great Commission, and can help alleviate racial tensions our society. But perhaps the most unique aspect of the book is his discussion on orphan care and the sex trafficking epidemic in Chapters 16-18. This is in my opinion worth the price of the book and the most persuasive argument for why the church needs to be involved in orphan care. According to Dr. Chipman, the church fights to prevent sex trafficking through fostering and adopting because many who are trafficked have been in the foster care system. It is a staggering thought that the church can conceivably put pumps out of business by providing the much needed relational security and familial stability that all orphans need.

This book shows that by caring for orphans, we are doing much more than caring for orphans; we are fighting for justice in the areas of racial discrimination, sex slavery, and abortion. This book is not only for those who are contemplating adoption but also for all who have been adopted by God as His children. We are called to care for orphans, whether directly (i.e. fostering or adopting) or indirectly (i.e. coming alongside foster families or giving to relief efforts). Do not read this book and despair; read it and respond. I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.