Unwrapping the Names of Jesus Review

Book Review: 

The dedication page of this Advent Devotional shares the true spirit of Christmastime: For all those longing to recapture the joy of Christmas…

I love devotionals. I love Christmastime. I love this devotional. Though the book is small, and the messages are simple and quickly read, and the impact they make lasts throughout the day…week…and entire Advent season.

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus is divided into four parts, representing the four weeks of Advent. Each week includes devotions for the five weekdays, and an extended end-of-the-week summary/bonus section. The book closes with a Christmas section, leaving you with a renewed joy and understanding of Christmas. The theme for each week is as follows:

Week 1: Hope
Week 2: Preparation
Week 3: Joy
Week 4: Love

Bottom Line: This book packs a punch. It’s filled with meaningful, lifting devotions and fun family activities to enjoy during the season, to light a fire of joy in your spirit.

Many thanks to MPNews for my complimentary copy.