Unwrapping the Names of Jesus Review

Book Review: 

This beautiful, small, hard-covered devotional leads us through the season of advent with devotionals centering around the names of Jesus. Each new week of advent, there is scripture to read together as a family, discussion questions, and a Christmas carol to sing. Then each day of the week has a different name of Jesus to meditate on, along with a devotional, a challenge, a prayer, and further verses for study. Each week ends with a list of activities for your family such as service projects.

Why should you celebrate advent? I love what Asheritah says in her introduction of the book: "We all suffer from soul amnesia, forgetting who God is and what He has done for us from one day to the next. Like you, I too must remind myself each year who Jesus is and why His birth is so miraculous--not because my mind doesn't know but because my heart ceases to be amazed."

So, I'm excited to go through this book with my kids and be reminded of the true Wonder of the season.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.