Unwrapping the Names of Jesus Review

Book Review: 

I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

This little devotional book wants to bring back the meaning of Christmas and help us celebrate Jesus by giving us specific things to focus on. The book is centered on the many, many names of Jesus such as King of Kings, Light of the World, Holy One of God, Lamb of God, Prince of Peace and such.

The book starts with an introduction on why we should celebrate Advent and the author then gives a beautiful prayer to the person reading the book.

After that the book is separated into the 4 topics of advent (which she explains in the introduction can vary slightly from church to church.) In the book they are Hope, Preparation, Joy and Love.

Each week starts with a Sunday devotional that includes an urge to say a prayer, then light your candle, a verse to read aloud, a very short back and forth which you can say yourself or share the parts with your family, another verse and then a bible reading, followed by discussion questions and a carol.

For each day of the week Monday-Friday there is a name of Jesus to read about including a challenge and prayer related to that name. A few bible versus are given after that for further study.

At the end of five days is a list of fun activities you could do on Saturday to help celebrate the season. Think regular Christmas activities with a faith twist such as baking cookies for your mail carrier, singing gospel centered carols, make snow angels outside or with paint and reflect on the angels role in the nativity story and such.

I especially like what the author says in her introduction about the use of the devotional:

“Any time you spend quieting your heart before God and worshipping Him is time well spent. But be assured of this: God is not going to be disappointed if you miss a day (or a week’s) devotional or challenge. Nor is He going to be impressed if you check it off each day.

The purpose of this devotional is not to get more favor with God – Jesus already secured His approval when He took our place on the cross…” – pg 15