Unwrapping the Names of Jesus Review

Book Review: 

Advent is something I have never celebrated, so finding an interactive devotional that covers and goes through Advent was exciting. Not to mention, I'm a fan of Asheritah Ciuciu. The book's presentation is absolutely stunning. I love the pops of gold foil mixed with red and white as it definitely has the Christmas vibe going. The hardcover was well crafted with beautiful pages. Easy to write within the book, but I'd say give your pen time to dry or it will smudge.

The actual devotionals are beautifully written. I'm a fan of interactive books -- books that get you involved by asking questions, giving challenges, giving you extra bits to check out online and so forth. This book offers it all PLUS prayers and various scriptures.

I love that this is broken into 4 weeks and 5 days per week with an introduction to the week and closing activities to partake in. I found that I enjoyed doing this with family and friends as it allowed us to bond and study scripture together.

I highly recommend this beauty!