The Value of Wrinkles Review

Book Review: 

Looking at our views on aging and the elderly is the focus of this book. I could identify with the author who shared her experiences growing up living with her grandparents and later working with the elderly population. I grew up with my grandparents close by and was drawn to working with the elderly early in my nursing career. We have much to gain by appreciating and taking time to build relationships with our elderly neighbors, family and friends. Slowing down to listen and hear their stories and share in their experiences adds much to our own lives.

The author shared much practical advice in caring for and building relationships with the elderly. She also shares resources that can aid individuals as they try to navigate healthcare and social services for their elderly loved one.

I hope this unique and valuable book will encourage families to include the elderly in their lives and build relationships between generations.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.