The Value of Wrinkles Review

Book Review: 

I was excited to read this book as I have believed in the value of generational relationships since becoming a believer. Throughout Scripture God uses both young and old to serve His purposes and the relationships we witness between the young and old provide rich wisdom.

A few things readers must know about this book to understand exactly what they are getting:

- There are no Scripture references and only a few comments regarding Church or the Bible. I was very disappointed in this and I enjoy Scriptural support for any Christian based published book, but the book did still provide valuable insight.

- Tom spends a majority of the book recounting her experience as a child and subsequently her experience in the senior care field. She provides a plethora of experiences that hit you in a range of emotions. Because of this, it takes a bit of a memoir feel.

Tom structures the book with twelve chapters, an epilogue and a note from the author. Each chapter recounts specific experiences with the “old” or “aging” (as she often refers to them) that she’s valued over time. I did thoroughly enjoy this book - the stories of her interactions with the aging generation were funny, sad, exciting, and more. She provides practical advice and suggestions on how we as the young generation can interact, respect and honor the aging while learning from them and blessing them.

Each chapter concludes with a Take Notes section. This varies from chapter to chapter but essentially provides additional insight, questions, practical resources for us to utilize in our quest to build valuable relationships with the aging.

I received a copy of this book from Northfield in exchange for an honest review.