The Vibrant Workplace Review

Book Review: 

"The Vibrant Workplace" by Paul White is a good read for anyone (manager or non-manager) who wants to improve their work environment.  Indeed, it seems that the past few years (tough economy, massive layoffs, etc.) the workplace has become more toxic than years ago.  Around 215 pages, the book addresses such topics as:
1.  4 actions that can turn around a negative workplace.
2.  5 principles for successfully leading a team.
3.  Be careful of judging other people's motives.
4.  Misconceptions about expressing appreciation at work.
5.  Challenges in specific work settings: non-profit,government,business,medical,military,and others.
6.  Working with various generations.
7.  Regional differences in relational styles.
8.  Characteristics of difficult to please colleagues.
The book is very readable and smoothly transitions from topic to topic.  Will be a valuable reference for doing my part in being a part of a positive work place.  I was given a review copy by Moody Publishing in exchange for a fair review.