The Vibrant Workplace Review

Book Review: 

Admitting in the introduction this book is a result of questions arising from the success of his first book co-authored with Dr. Gary Chapman, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, Dr Paul White adequately summarizes and discussed the key issues and obstacles both employers and employees face in using appreciation in various work settings. With a desire for each organization and its people to be healthy and feel valued, White identifies objections raised as he has taught on the subject in types of organizations around the world.
He does well at honestly dealing with the challenges. Although most of the advice could be classified as "common sense," given the increasing uncommonness of such, his discussions show thoughtfulness and wisdom. Chapter 6 is an especially useful section dealing with the unique workplace challenges of virtual/long-distance, military, schools, and government settings.
In terms of organizational health literature, this book does not go near the top of the shelf. Nonetheless, it could be a helpful resource if you were already applying the first book and encountered challenges.
Note: This book was provided to the author by Moody Press in exchanges for an unbiased review.