Vision Map Review

Book Review: 

Do you have a dream or vision in your heart?  

Joel Malm’s advice, “Just start”.  

“Well, how do I start?” you might say.  Joel has that covered.  

In his book “Vision Map: Charting a Step-By-Step Course For Your Biggest Hopes And Dreams”, Joel offers a template for you to not only start, but to move ahead and continue on the journey.  He shares his own stories, and stories of others, in a perfect hand-sized, easy-to-read book.  He highlights several things in red, and also highlights with pull quotes, famous quotes, and Bible verses.  This book could be read in a day, or picked up over and over again to continue reading.  I am on my second reading of it now.

“I believe God wants to make the dream in your heart a reality—even it it seems far-fetched.  You aren’t crazy.  You are a visionary.”

Joel’s desire is this: 
“I hope this book helps you to navigate the waters of getting something started.  I’ll guide you through the process step-by-step.”

I can emphatically say Joel meets and exceeds his desire of this book.  If you have a dream or vision in your heart, I encourage you to read this book.  And then, just start. 

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.