The Visual Word Review

Book Review: 

“You probably don’t have another book like this in your library” (9). Patrick Schreiner speaks the truth when he describes The Visual Word—a unique way to present the Bible. In this book, Schreiner summarizes and contextualizes every book in the New Testament in a way that shows how the grand storyline of the Bible fits together. The beautiful illustrations from artist Anthony Benedetto include detailed clues to help the reader better learn biblical theology.

The twenty-five chapters each present an entire book of the Bible in less than ten pages (1-3 John are taken together). For example, Matthew begins with an introduction to the book, continues with a visual overview (14 iconic illustrations), then six pages to briefly explain each visual overview in written form. Readers will want to pay attention to the details in each icon to help them remember the themes in Matthew’s Gospel.

Schreiner draws on his experience as both a biblical scholar and seminary professor. Readers may not agree with all of his outlines and insights, but they will be helped by his fresh look at an ancient text. All we need now is a companion volume for the Old Testament.