The Visual Word Review

Book Review: 

I was so excited for this book. I love all things visual - charts, graphs, pictures, etc. - to help bring context and background to whatever it is that I'm reading or studying. Unfortunately, this did not meet my expectations.

Schreiner takes each book of the New Testament and provides a "visual" outline for studying and reference purposes. He begins the book with an introduction. This includes the following sections:

- What Is This Book?

- Why I Wrote This Book

- How To Use This Book

- Three Caveats: I specifically appreciate this portion as it makes clear three warnings. These warnings are essential to getting the full perspective and purpose out of this book. First, the literary structure is diverse throughout all the books of the Bible but need to be narrowed for the purpose of the book. Second, the page size limited their designs and inclusion of visuals. Third, this is an initial book that most likely will be require updated editions.

- A Word From The Illustrator

The book is structured with each chapter as a New Testament book. Each chapter includes a title description, a descriptive phrase, a brief contextual summary, a visual timeline, and additional contextual findings to mirror the timeline.

Although the information discussed is beneficial and helpful in providing more context and background to the book, I was disappointed in the amount of visuals provided. When I consider what visuals are, I consider pictures, charts, graphs, timelines, etc. There are very little of these visuals. The only visual I would consider was provided throughout the book consistently was the timeline.

I do believe the book provides a wealth of information for reference purposes, but I wouldn't consider it a visual guide by any means.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.