The Visual Word Review

Book Review: 

What can we see in the New Testament? In The Visual Word, Patrick Schreiner and Anthony M. Benedetto embark on a beautifully illustrated outline of the New Testament books.

Context and Themes

Schreiner skillfully outlines all of the 27 books, giving a summary of themes and diving deeper into each chapter for context. The Visual Word is able to help you get a grasp of the big picture of each book, while still providing enough details to help you read them through chapter-by-chapter.

What surprised me was how well the illustrations work with both large and small books. Romans is skillfully navigated, and the book of Jude is carefully explained. The iconography in the pictures is memorable and make for an overall entertaining reading experience.

Enhance Your Understanding

Aesthetically, this book is a work of art. The beautiful hardcover is 8.5 x 11 inches. The gold trim on the cover contrasts beautifully with the dark royal blue, and this color motif is repeated throughout the book. There is a lot of material featured, and the 192 pages is generous while still keeping a slim profile. While this book definitely belongs in your study, it will feel right at home on a coffee table or nightstand.

What I found to be invaluable was how well the visuals lend themselves to enhance my understanding of each book. This is visual learning done beautifully. Schreiner does an excellent job of distilling contexts and providing main points. My understanding of Ephesians has been enhanced, and my interest in Titus has grown.

Dwell in the Word of God

As we become distracted in our post-COVID world, this book invites us to dwell in the Word of God. It calls us to slow down and appreciate truth and beauty. It helps us see the heights and depths of Scripture. And it will move you to explore more and more of the Bible, our inexhaustible treasure.

I received a media copy of The Visual Word and this is my honest review.