The Visual Word Review

Book Review: 

When people come to the Bible, they first want to know what it is all about. Mature Christians who have read their Bibles can tell you it is about God's redemption of His people through the finished work of Christ. However, there are still those who want to know more of the story. Rather than picking up a Bible, they want just the facts. Sadly, many in the church are that very same way.

Patrick Schreiner has developed a book with the help of Anthony Benedetto to help guide believer, new and maturing, grasp the message of the Bible, or in this case, the New Testament. The book is titled, The Visual Word.

In this book, Schreiner gives an simple introduction to each book of the New Testament. He also breaks down passages of Scripture to assist the reader in understanding what the original authors of the Bible were communicating to their readers.

Along with the simple introductions, we have Benedetto giving simple illustrations that are unique to each book of the New Testament. They are grand illustrations which will not hinder the reader from being distracted from Schreiner's writings.

This is a very well-written book with easy introductions to understand each book of the New Testament. To be honest, I think Schreiner did not need Benedetto's help with illustrations, then again you cannot title a book with the word "visual" on it and not have some form of artwork. Not saying Benedetto's artistry was terrible, I just don't think it was necessary when you are attempting to give people a simple introductory book to the Bible.