The Visual Word Review

Book Review: 

The Visual Word is a unique and helpful resource by author and professor, Dr. Patrick Schreiner. The idea for the book was born out of the visual notes Dr. Schreiner would make for his seminary students (similar to the ones pictured here). The book takes readers through the New Testament and breaks each book down simply. As a visual learner, I really appreciate The Visual Word because it helps me remember the key concepts of each New Testament book.

Although written by a professor, one of the things I really appreciate about The Visual Word is that the content is simple making it easy for theologians of all stages to better understand the New Testament. The summaries for the sections of the New Testament books are concise and flow together really well. When it comes to passages that tend to be hotly debated, I was encouraged that Dr. Schreiner focused on the historical and cultural contexts that were at play and didn’t try to persuade readers to a particular position. I found this to be so helpful because it encourages students of the Bible to dig deep into studying on their own and working toward understanding which side of the debate, if any, is closest to the author’s intended meaning. An example of this is found on page 113 in a section focused on 1 Timothy 2:8-15.

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the book is its emphasis on the Bible as literature. Dr. Schreiner mentioned a few times in the Introduction that it is important to approach the Bible rightly. I truly believe that The Visual Word will help Bible students do so and will help those who are newer to the Bible understand how it flows together.

The illustrations are sharp and clean and I thought it was neat that the book’s colors are also the school colors for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where Dr. Schreiner teaches.

I am really thankful for The Visual Word and look forward to using it as I study the New Testament. I am pleased to give this resource my highest recommendation and I’m eagerly anticipating a companion book for the Old Testament.

I received The Visual Word compliments of Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.