Walk With Me Review

Book Review: 

I think the reason I was prompted to read this book was because we, as believers, often shy away from the task of disciplemaking. We have too many fears and don't fully understand what it actually means. But Mowry presents the fact that disciplemaking is not complicated but rather a natural response stemming from our deep passion and love for Christ.

Mowry structures the book with six chapters:

- We Walk Heart to Heart

- We Walk Simple

- We Walk Slow

- We Walk Deep

- We Walk on Mission

- Live the Joy

Each chapter lays out a basic principle for discilemaking that "uncomplicated" the concept. He utilizes scripture throughout he entire book along with charts and statistics to help solidify his principles. Each chapter is concluded with a brief summary of what that principle really entails. These could easily be copied and kept in your pocket or stuck in your car as a daily reminder of our God given role in disciplemaking.

Mowry concludes the book with sections that provide practical wisdom:

- What Happens Next: provides eight ways for us to begin practicing the art of disciplemaking

- Ten Books To Inflame Your Heart for God: a list of books to read that will help in starting a fire in your heart for God

- Putting First Things First: six ways to continue your intimate relationship with God

This was a good book for those trying to understand discipleship or simply get a refresher on how to move forward in disciplemaking.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for than honest review