The Way to Brave Review

Book Review: 

True heroes represent persons of integrity and courage that stand firm in their decision to do what is good and right. The Scriptures is full of people that stand their ground, serve God and are not shaken by anything that comes their way. Couple people that fit into this category are David and Daniel. They didn’t will themselves to greatness or make a brave decision in a single moment either. They actually spent a lifetime taking in courage in the right way for the right reasons. That’s the true way to become brave. The Way to Brave is a guidance towards the pathway to a courageous soul. Andy McQuitty has been a pastor for 35 years, he has learned from his own mistakes and successes. He has studied great heroes like David heavily and has learned a great deal about what it means to develop braveness. Especially in the times we live in today, it is not easy or popular to be brave, to against the current, opposing all the things, actions and choices that are sinful and wrong, but it is definetely the right and courageous thing for any believer to do. Andy will walk you through the five key phases God takes all servant leaders through and teach you how to embrace God’s work in your own life. The time is here to prepare and take action. As a result when you face a Goliath you’ll be equipped to stand, fight, and win. I received a copy of the book from the publisher for this review.