The Way Home Review

Book Review: 

I have always enjoyed bible studies that are built specifically on Scripture. This study goes through the book of Ruth which is a significant book of the Bible with tons of wisdom to glean.

The study is structured with five days per week for six total weeks. Each week focuses on a specific scripture.

- Week One: New Beginnings: Avoiding a Wasted Life (Judges)

- Week Two: A New Way: Unlocking Your Destiny with Love (Ruth 1:1-14)

- Week Three: A New Heart: Overcoming Offense (Ruth 1:15-22)

- Week Four: A New Provision: Kinsman Redeemer (Ruth 2)

- Week Five: A New Life: Open to God's Invitation (Ruth 3)

- Week Six: A New Future: Fulfilling Your God-Given Purpose (Ruth 4)

Each week begins with an introduction and follows with a wonderful selection of questions and scripture reading to delve into the truth of God's Word through Ruth. Each day then concludes with a prayer to implement what was learned through the study.

The study is filled with wisdom and spiritual insight but is also a quick and easy study to complete each day. Although the story of Ruth is fairly common within church preaching, it's all to easy to only focus on the main points and miss some of the more intimate pieces of the book. Afshar does a great job of bringing those intimate pieces to life. I also appreciate that she doesn't just hand out the answers but forces the reader to dive into the scripture personally to find what God may be speaking to them.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.