Wedded to War Review

Book Review: 

I was a little torn in two in the middle of Wedded to War. So I think I should list the pros and cons to give my true opinion. I loved the new things I learned historically. I loved the characters, mainly Charlotte, Jacob, and Alice. Charlotte is the type of woman I hope I would have been if I was born in the Civil War era, but most likely would not have been nearly as strong and brave. I loved the end of the book and how it wrapped up beautifully bringing justice to all parties.

Now I must tell you the things that, for lack of a better word, bothered me. This book is not for the faint of heart. I also think it shouldn't be read by people 15 and under at least. Some of the scenes are graphic, in my opinion, and this book is for the person who wants the reality of the Civil War to sink in. You will be SO angry when the baddest guy gets away with things (or at least I was), but keep reading for the end is well worth it. Overall I do recommend this book, just to a more mature audience. It really is a fabulous read all around and after I got past part three and a little of four I really enjoyed the majority of it. :)

While there where a few times I didn't want to go on, and I didn't think I wanted to continue in the series anymore. In the end this is a MUST READ for an older audience because it is filled with wonderful messages that can't be missed! :)

P.S. In the description it states that two men love her. I thought I knew who these men where, but after reading the book I think it is someone not even mentioned on the back. Read for yourself and see who you think the two are? ;)

My songs for Wedded to War are my findings from songs mentioned right out of the pages of Jocelyn's work: "Blessed Assurance" by Mark Howard, John Mock, Stuart Duncan, "Amazing Grace" by Mark Howard, John Mock, Stuart Duncan, "Amazing Grace" by Celtic Woman, and "Glory Glory Hallelujah" by Joan Baez