What If Jesus Was Serious? Review

Book Review: 

The most popular teaching of Jesus is arguably the least likely to be faithfully lived out by those claiming to be His followers. 

The Sermon on the Mount. 

It spans multiple chapters of the Bible, specifically from Matthew chapters 5-7. 
These chapters encompass much of the essence of the lived-out nature of Christianity. Yet this call, this challenge, this way of life, is seen but in a small glimpse in the lives of most Christians today. 

Did Jesus mean what He said in this sermon to His followers? Yes, He did. 

Skye Jethani wrote this must-read book, with the title as a question: “What If Jesus Was Serious?” It is a must read for every Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ. And the reality is Jesus was serious.

We are like the wise person building a house on the rock if we hear His commands and do them; but we are like the foolish person building a house on the sand if we hear then and do not do them.

Through helpful doodles and short, impactful chapters, this book will guide you well as a Jesus-follower in this tumultuous time. It is a timely book and a needed message. 

I will end this review with the closing words of the book:
“Jesus is smart. Jesus is Serious. Imagine how your life would be different if you took Him at His Word. And imagine how our world would be different if those who claimed to follow Jesus actually did.”
 Pick up your own copy today. 

*NOTE: Moody Publishers provided me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.