What If Jesus Was Serious? Review

Book Review: 

This book is worth the doodles. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Skye Jethani on the Holy Post Podcast. His insight and wit are enjoyable and give me much to think about. Upon receiving the book, I realized it is a bit different than I expected. It is set up more like a devotional than an in depth read on the Sermon on the Mount. For me I was desiring an in depth studying of the Sermon on the Mount with Jethani’s wit and wisdom. I think the format ends up lending itself to being open to a larger audience. The format makes the book attractive and the thoughts easier to connect with. For me the doodles added a dimension that gave me more to think about as I read through the book. Personally, I wanted more meat but this is definitely a book I will be able to share with more people due to its easy interaction and thought-provoking doodles. I would recommend this to older teens and up, who want to spend some time looking at various angles of the Sermon on the Mount. Jethani reminds and challenges the reader that Jesus was serious and we need to apply His wisdom to our days.
** I was given a copy to review for Moody Publishers.