What If Jesus Was Serious? Review

Book Review: 

This is my first read from Sky Jethani and I was quite impressed from the beginning. The book focused on the Sermon on the Mount from Jesus. Skye goes through each specific detail of this sermon and reveals how and why Christians either ignore or excuse themselves from actually following what Jesus preached in that sermon.

First, the doodles are fantastic. They make reading through the book so much more enjoyable and fun. They provide a visual context for the Sermon on the Mount and most people learn through visual application.

Second, the book is very easy and quick to read. It is structured into 9 parts:
- Who is Really Blessed?
- Christians and Culture
- Inside-Out Righteousness
- Love In Action
- A Prayer for Losers
- Freedom from Fear
- Judging, Asking, Blessing
- Good and Bad Fruit
- Be Smart

Each part includes several short, but convicting chapters that review a specific portion of the Sermon on the Mount. Each chapter is also concluded with a Read More section that provides additional Scripture references. This helps to solidify his stance on each section.

I enjoyed reading this book as Sky is very matter of fact in his revelation of Christians’ excuses. There is no doubt you will be convicted after reading this book.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.