What If Jesus Was Serious...About Prayer? Review

Book Review: 

In the introduction the author states, “The truly radical Christian is not the one whose life appears extraordinary, but the one whose unseen communion with God is extraordinary. Living radically is about prayer, not prominence.” For the Christian who wants to live radically for Christ, this book about prayer is for you. It challenges some pre-conceived notions you may have about prayer.

The book is divided into six sections which include short chapters with creative illustrations. The sections are: What Prayer Is (and Isn’t); Keep It Simple (and Unceasing); It’s Off to Work (with God) We Go; Learning to Pray (Like Jesus); The Truth (And Nothing but the Truth) So Help Me God; and Prayer Changes (How You See) the World.

In the end, prayer is not about getting what answers we want, it is about desiring more of God Himself. This is a very helpful and practical book which I highly recommend.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review