What Now? Review

Book Review: 

"What Now?" is a good read for anyone needing clarity on preparing for the next season of life. Whether transitioning into a new career, starting a family, preparing for later years, etc. the book contains helpful insights and suggestions for preparing for the next season. A short read, the title is only around 80 pages and yet covers important points such as:

- Intentionally spending time alone with God to hear His voice on what He wants to do in your life.
- Imaging what your next season could be like and looking back on past actions that affect you today.
- The need to adjust your thinking (about yourself, circumstances, etc.) to help you prepare for your next season.
- Importance of getting help and insights from others.
- Taking action when needed.

The book gets to the point, avoids a lot of high-sounding pious platitudes (thankfully) and contains helpful spiritual insights from a Christian perspective about life. Good read and future helpful reference. Recommended.