What Now? Review

Book Review: 

This book turned out to be a bit different than I had expected. First, it's small and extremely short. I was able to read this in a one hour sitting. This is not necessarily a bad thing if there is still solid content within it.

Mark Jobe wrote this book in response to the current COVID pandemic and crisis. The book includes six brief but impactful chapters regarding our response to such a crisis.

- Chapter 1: You cant stay where you are
- Chapter 2: Quiet your soul to listen
- Chapter 3: Re-envision your life story
- Chapter 4: Adjust your thinking
- Chapter 5: Invite others to your journey
- Chapter 6: Take the first bold step

Although this book is short, Jobe doesn't spend a great deal of time on details. He addresses the issue at hand directly and moves on. If someone is looking for simple, basic next steps to follow in the midst of our current pandemic, they would gain some beneficial insight from this book.

I do wish Jobe would have included significantly more Scripture reference throughout the book. Scripture is able to give a foundational footprint for supporting an argument or concept and I think he lacked that in this book.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.