When a Man Loves a Woman Review

Book Review: 

In When a Man Loves a Woman, James Ford, Jr. explored the depths of the story of Jacob’s love for Rachel. Jacob started travelling and he came upon a group of men waiting to water their sheep. They saw Rachel coming to water her sheep and all of the men just made excuses and didn’t offer to move the stone from the well. Jacob was the only man who stood up and moved the stone for a woman! He made sure that her sheep received the water they desperately needed. Jacob also went on and worked fourteen years to win the hand of Rachel. The book led readers to engage in working hard for their woman. An important key to any striving relationship is communicating and listening to what our woman is feeling and going through. Men struggle with communicating effectively and many times we don’t build up our wife with enough positive words that bless her.

I immensely enjoyed when James Ford, Jr. revealed a story that he started nine years ago and he continued to do for his wife. He surprised her by randomly picking a night out of each year and he sends her out with one of her friends. While she is out having a wonderful time, he works on preparing her a home cooked meal and he cleans the house. He adds romance back by getting creative and he chooses to display his love for her.

I would recommend this book to any man trying to improving their relationship with their wife. If you’re married or single this book will benefit and teach you what do to in your marriage. The book showed me that it was extremely important to love your wife by listening, communicating, and providing for her. Most men today don’t have the tenacity to assist with earning the love of a woman. If we had to work fourteen years for a woman’s hand some of us wouldn’t do it. Many of us struggle with waiting until having sex until we are married. We want the pleasure now but not the commitment of marriage. Some father-in-laws don’t have any requirements to display and prove that we can provide for their daughter. I liked how Ford, Jr. didn’t sugarcoat the truth about how to be a better husband. The one aspect that he demonstrated well was being transparent about his relationship mistakes and triumphs. I have never heard before and seen how the stone being removed from well had significant meaning. The excuses we make for not helping a woman in need are endless. We can blame and make excuses all we want to but it still won’t ever lead to change unless we start moving forward. If you want your marriage to change, improve, and thrive to greater capacity then this book is written to teach you to become the man that a woman has always wanted and needed.