When a Woman Loves a Man Review

Book Review: 

When a Woman Loves a Man: Pursing His Heart by James Ford Jr. is a guide on how a woman is to love her husband. Using biblical scriptures and examples Ford takes the wife through six principles crucial to loving the man God has joined her with. The six principles are: fulfilling God’s design, completing, submitting, cherishing, caring for and covering her husband. Society norms and expectations should not determine the behavior and actions of a wife, but the word of God should. God designed a woman to complete her husband and this book’s six principals show how to do just that.
This book is a quick read and is packed with biblical substance. Ford is very straightforward on the role that God has ordained for women in the marriage relationship. The husband will never become the man God intends him to be if the wife is interfering with his growth with God by not fulfilling her intended role in the relationship. I loved how Ford described that God made man incomplete when he removed Adam’s rib and can only be completed again when joined with his wife. I appreciated Ford’s “blunt” approach and this book is an easy read that I know that I reference back to. This book goes hand in hand with Ford’s book, When a Man Loves a Woman: Pursing Her Heart.
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