Where I End - Advanced Reader Copy Review

Book Review: 

Wow, where to start? This book is a testament to God's goodness and faithfulness. Katherine's tragedy has served to strengthen her faith but also to encourage, inspire, and give hope to others. Thank you for your testimony, Katherine. While reading her words, one is able to follow her as she relives one of her most painful moments in her life but also to rejoice in the miracles of God's faithfulness.

Short Summary:
Katherine had a normal life with her husband and two children, a loving church family, and an adventurous spirit. One day, while playing tag with some kids from her son's class, a boy jumped down from a slide, landed on her head and paralyzed her, neck down. She had immediate surgery, was diagnosed with quadriplegia, and given a grim prognosis, with little to no hope of ever regaining movement on her limbs. By God's miracle, Katie left the Rehabilitation Hospital 40 days later with the help of a cane.

Katie recounts her spiritual growth experience and the slow process of regaining movement on her limb. From the painful first days after the accident to the way her family was affected to the outpouring of love and support from her church family, this is a testimony of triumph. Though her situation seemed bleak, her faith remained constant, never complaining, but instead chose to overcome in hope, never losing faith in God's goodness. What had been meant to break her, God used to tell of His Majesty, for His glory.

Written so beautifully with admirable humility and encouragement, I could not help but read with warmth in my heart and praise on my lips. As a sufferer from an undiagnosed chronic inner-vestibular disorder, I can relate with Katie on several points. I know the pain of remembering one's life before sickness, not being the same person anymore, the feeling of helplessness with new disabilities, not being able to do so much we enjoy; along with so many others who have suffered/suffer debilitating injuries/sickness, we rejoice in watching God's glory shine through pain and suffering. This book is a praise to the God who can heal physically and spiritually all the brokenhearted.

Kate has used her personal story to teach beautiful lessons that are sure to get you meditating and open you up for personal and spiritual growth. Among my favorites, are her words on learning to suffer with the pain of others - I can definitely relate. This is an excerpt I highlighted on my copy:

"Though our unique stories of suffering isolate, they also bond. We image-emulate and reflect- Jesus by entering the shame and suffering of one another. When you hold someone who is desperate with pain, your hearts become interwoven. When the silence is broken, you invite me into your world. Your secret sadness becomes our shared sorrow. "

Thank you, Katherine, for inviting us into your heart and allowing us to experience your pain but also your joy.

I received an advanced reader copy from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.