Who Do You Say That I AM? Review

Book Review: 

I'm a huge fan of these Bible studies put out by Moody Publishers. For someone like me, who best learns by working through and writing, these are a game changer for faith building.

I was drawn to Who Do You Say That I Am, an 8-week study by Becky Harling to assist in this years' attempt to get to know Jesus better. Knowing the power of these studies, plus the relevant topic of this one, I figured this would be a very helpful tool.

Who Do You Say That I Am offers 8 weeks of study, each week focusing on a different "I Am" saying of Jesus (think "I Am the Bread of Life," "I Am the Light," I Am the Vine"). While seemingly a simple idea, there is a lot to unpack with each of these statements and Bible passages.

Harling makes readers think about these passages and certainly grow in the process. Each week offers 5 days of study, with a 1-2 page devotional followed by an "explore" section with your observations on a text. Thought-provoking questions in the "reflect" section invite the reader to apply these findings to their own experiences and dig deeper into the story. Then there is an applicable memory verse and a closing "praise" section. Personally, I liked having a "praise" section because it really invites God into your study as you talk to Him about what you just learned. Most often there would be an applicable song to enjoy or a moment to write.

For any individual or group looking to better understand Jesus and grow in faith, I highly recommend this Bible study. Whether in a time of doubt or just looking to grow closer to God, this study--with meaningful lessons and thoughtful reflection--will certainly help you get there.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.