Who Do You Say That I AM? Review

Book Review: 

Who Do You Say That I Am? by Becky Harling

It's hard to believe April is already here as we rush towards the end of spring semester! I have always found the spring semester of ministry more challenging than the fall: the beginning of the year excitement in students has dwindled and the stress of exams, grades, and the reality of school often becomes overwhelming for them. Throw in a lack of sunshine and fresh air, and anxiety and depression among students becomes rampant. At times it can be challenging to help them refocus their gaze of Jesus, especially if I don't make the time to ensure I am refocusing my own gaze on him!

So when I saw that Moody released another Bible study, I was so excited! I have loved every study I have done through them, and have been so impressed by the depth of the content Moody produces in their women's studies.

Who Do You Say that I Am? is an eight week study focusing on the I Am statements of Jesus found throughout the Gospels. Each week is devoted to exploring different I Am statements, with each lesson offering a time of meditation, worship, prayer, and reflection. Overall, I really love the theme! It was sweet to spend time in the Gospels focusing on these foundational truths of Jesus' identity. I found the lessons easy yet refreshing.

Compared to other studies I have done by Moody, this one certainly had the shortest and easiest daily lessons. Personally, it didn't seem like the content was quite as in-depth as other Moody studies like Unexplainable Life or Included With Christ. The author gave minimal context to the passages (I'm a nerd for cultural context!) and little teaching. Typically the lessons were structured as a more of read the passage, answer a few basic questions, and reflect on how to apply it to your life. The layout is beautiful, and I loved how much room the author gave for journaling and answering questions.

My rating? 3/5

For someone looking for a less intense study focused more on personal reflection and passage meditation, this study is perfect! I think I personally prefer more in-depth, challenging studies, but I would still recommend this to any of the women I lead who are looking to refocus their eyes on Jesus and His identity!

*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest, unbiased review!*