Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places Review

Book Review: 

This book was challenging and honest, beautiful and compelling. The author gave up a successful career to go to Afghanistan, only shortly after 9/11. She shares about the very real danger she was in, and what it costs to follow Jesus in a way that I don’t often hear spoken of in our Western idea of Christianity. But even greater than her stories of suffering or grief, difficulties or danger, is the truth that Jesus loves people. “God calls us to dangerous places because He loves people who live in dangerous places.” (45) I loved Kate’s truth-telling about who Jesus is and how a dangerous life with Jesus is always better than a safe life without him. Her own stories and the stories of friends and family who also love Jesus like this reminded my heart of how I want to live. This book is for anyone who wants to follow Jesus with their whole heart. A for me.
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