Woke Church Review

Book Review: 

Woke Church: An Urgent Call for Christians in America to Confront Racism and Injustice by Dr. Eric Mason serves as a clarion call to the American Church about race relations. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. noted over fifty years ago, the 11 o'clock hour is still the most segregated in the nation. Dr. Mason calls this out and in bold language describes both the pain and history of the truth behind this statement as well as ways to make progress in this area.

Woke Church is broken into four parts: Be Aware, Be Willing to Acknowledge, Be Accountable, and Be Active. Each part addresses a specific component of the problem of a lack of racial unity in the American church. While this is a short book, the length should not be mistaken for a lack of depth. Dr. Mason doesn't tiptoe around the issues. He boldly points them out and calls for action.

I found several convicting as well as hopeful statements in Woke Church. As someone who is aware of the problem, but not really sure what to do to address it, I found several helpful suggestions for both me personally and for my community. Woke Church should be required reading for everyone in ministry in America. It is an excellent primer on a subject that could define our generation of leaders.