Woke Church Review

Book Review: 

The word “Woke” means to be aware, to understand some issues on a deeper level and to be ready to be involved. The intent of this book is to encourage the church to use the mind of Christ to be fully aware of the issues of race and injustice that are present in our country today. The theme of justice is present throughout the Bible and Jesus himself calls us to look at Scripture through the lens of justice. The author, Eric Mason makes this statement, “Justice points to the extrinsic execution of the heart of God and righteousness means intrinsic impact by the heart of God.” In other words your heart needs to be changed by God for justice to be done. Legislation does not change hearts, only the gospel of Jesus Christ can do that.

There is so much we can learn from listening to another’s story especially one who is from a culture different from ours. The church needs to lament its lack of attention to the issues or race and injustice and reclaim its prophetic voice in these issues.

I highly recommend this book for those who are serious about getting involved in their local church to begin to address these issues. As the church of Jesus Christ, Christians need to be leaders in confronting racism and injustice.

I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.