Word-Centered Church Review

Book Review: 

If the Word of God is living and active, why is the Word of God not front and center of everything within the Church?

If the Spirit of God gives freedom & life, why is the Spirit of God not welcome to work within the Church?

Unfortunately, the church is more interested in marketing programs & personalities rather than the person and work of Jesus Christ, who is the Word. We are seeing programs pushed & the purpose of the Word taking a back seat.

Fortunately, Jesus will build His church and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. If this is true, let us return to the Word and see it begin to do the work of God within the people of God and the world around us.

This book places great emphasis on the two-fold work of the Word of God. First, the Word of God is powerful. It can revive and give life to dry bones. Second, the purpose of the Word of God is to allow God to speak and therefore be heard & known.

We must allow the bible to be central so that we are saying we want God to be God amongst us and within us. Do we believe that the Word cannot return void? If so, let us remove the hindrances that prevent the scriptures to being the focal point of the Church in its operation and and application.