Word-Centered Church Review

Book Review: 

I wholeheartedly agree with the title of this book and would enthusiastically defend the proposition. However, for a book with 4 pages of endorsement of the who’s who of the reformed circles, it fell spectacularly flat.

I struggled to remain engaged with Leeman, whose real-life illustrations/testimonies lack depth for the reader to connect with. The subject material is unfortunately boring and I found it a great chore to read. Given that Leeman is the principal author of many of the IX Marks series, I am genuinely curious about its quality.

The one highlight I appreciated from the book (that would live up the endorsements) would be the helpful summary of the storyline of the bible found in pages 45-48.

I cannot recommend this book, and instead would like to refer you to two other outstanding titles: Tim Keller’s Centre Church or Edmund Clowney’s The Church.