Worship Review

Book Review: 

As always, John MacArthur presents a Biblilcal work that should drive someone to practice. MacArthur is an excellent expositor and scholar of the Scriptures and this book is just another clear example of how that is done.

The original work of this book was written some 30 years ago, but it is still very relevant to today's reader. The reason for this is his clear understanding of the Bible that is timeless, hence timeless truths and timeless applications.

As would not be surprising, this book is a recommendation for anyone, worshipper or not. If you are a worshipper, this book will help you to understand worship and then cause you to want to worhsip further. If you are not a worshipper, this book will give you an understanding of worship from a Biblilcal perspective. It should not cause you to turn away, but should open you up to who the God of the Bible is and what true worhsip is.

Go buy this book!