Worship Review

Book Review: 

"Worship" is yet another great A.W. Tozer title, this one, as the title implies, addresses worshipping God.  Around 130 pages, the book may be covered in a few readings.  While a short book, as with other Tozer titles, there is plenty to ponder.  Some of the topics covered include:
1.   Worship can be quiet or noisy.
2.   We are saved to worship God.
3.   A proud and unconcerned church will not be effective in true worship.
4.   The worship of God needs to be a constant attitude and state of mind in the believer.
5.   3 errors of Cain's attempt to worship God.
6.   Jesus was not concerned about His reputation because He knew Who He was.
7.   There should be a terror of seeing ourselves in contrast to the holy God.
8.   There is another world beyond that Christians are citizens of.
9.   Believers can worship God where they are.
10.  Attach yourself to Jesus.
Like other Tozer books, this is a great read and will often be referred to in the future.  I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review.