Worship Review

Book Review: 

Worship is a collection of insights from A.W. Tozer featuring his reflection on the importance of worship, why and how we do it. Throughout the book, he reinstates the fact that we were created to worship.

Set in 11 chapters, the book begins by stating the present situation and the taken-for-granted attitude that is reflected in this weekly ritual called worship. Tozer continues to set forth the reason why we should worship, what aspects are involved and what constitutes worship, and finally, how we should worship.

We were created for worship, to worship our God. But after the fall, we lost sight of the object of our worship. Yet, the longing to worship still remained in us. Through our second birth, we’ve been brought back to the fold, to regain our position and purpose in our creation. To worship God.

Then Tozer sheds a very compelling light on the present predicament of the obligatory and name-sake worship we most often find ourselves in. A few songs and readings every Sunday and we are ready to call it a day. Seldom do we find ourselves caught up in complete awe and wonder at the Lord of all beings and the Lord of all life. Rarely do we surrender body, mind and soul to the Psalmist invocation, “He is they Lord; and worship thou Him” (Psalm 45:11)

Though Tozer lived in the early 1900s, his teachings ring a bell even today. His insights on modern-day worship haven’t lost in time, but sadly, only become more relevant. But there is so much hope and encouragement in this book. We can still regain our first love. We can learn to worship the way we were meant to.