Writing for Life and Ministry Review

Book Review: 

There are those who are great at speaking yet find writing to be a struggle. This is where a book like this comes in handy and helpful.

This book may sound intimidating but it actually removes the intimidation factor from writing. This happens through the simple format of this book. The chapters are short, which makes the reading manageable. If the chapters were long, most readers would throw this aside and let intimidation win. Not only are the chapters concise, but there are exercises along the way that involve the step by step process of applying what is learned. This is where O’Brien hits a home run.

This book is not just a book on principles, but it is a book on practice and that is exactly what struggling writers need…both inspiration and instruction. Readers of this book will likely discover their writing to both improve and inspire both themselves and their hearers/readers.

There are simply not enough books on this subject and this one helps change that.

Thank you to MPnewsroom for the book in exchange for an unbiased review.