Yes! You Really CAN Change Review

Book Review: 

"Yes! You Really Can Change" by Chip Ingram is a good read on how we can change for the better. Unlike many self-help books today that tell us to "suck it up" or "try harder", "just relax and take it easy", and other phrases, this title focuses on God's power to change us when we cooperate with Him. Around 180 pages, the book addresses many topics, including:

- Biblical truths as the basis for our positive change.

- 4 positive attributes that become more prominent in our lives when we change for the better.

- 3 phrases of biblical growth.

- How leaders in the church can help others grow in Jesus Christ.

- The importance of equipping others for ministry instead of the pastor/pastoral staff doing all the ministry of a local church.

- 4 measures of true spirituality.

- Two spiritual pitfalls in Christian growth.

- Using Ephesians 4 as a training guide for spiritual growth and maturity.

Some things I liked about this book:

- As with other Chip Ingram titles, the book is easy to read and smoothly transitions from topic to topic.

- Good balance of Biblical references and the author's experiences when making a point.

- Excellent practical advice - not just a book of empty and pious platitudes.

- Title is not longwinded (too many pages) or lacks spiritual meat (too short) - just the right length.

Good read for personal or small group study. Recommended. I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.