You Can Trust God to Write Your Story Review

Book Review: 

So one of my favorite authors is Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth. And I received the delight to be able to review her newest book authored with her husband Robert Wolgemuth.

You Can Trust God to Write Your Story: Embracing the Mysteries of Providence - By: Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Robert Wolgemuth

When I'd first heard of the book, I thought it would be just about their story and seeing God in their lives but thankfully after reading it it is an accumulation of stories. Starting with their story and seeing God work in their lives. And just reading their story is simply amazing. Like seriously, Robert Wolgemuth's deceased wife actually said who she wanted him to marry BUT she didn't tell him, she told her friends. And once he and Nancy were engaged those friends recounted that conversation. The woman his wife chose was Nancy. God had heard her request and wove together the stories of their lives and knit together their hearts.

And the rest of the book is filled with stories of people that could look back over their lives and see God in the details. Both real-life people and those from the Bible like Esther, Ruth, Joseph, and Mary, mother of Jesus. It is in these stories that we, the reader, can also place our faith in God to write our story in such a way that is for our good and His glory.

I definitely recommend if you're in need of an encouraging read.

{As always I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.}