You Get Me Review

Book Review: 

We all want to be with someone who "gets us." You Get Me by Gary Chapman and Jen Mickelborough wrote this small book of helps for those familiar with the 5 Love Languages: Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Gifts, Acts of Service and Quality Time.

You Get Me starts out with an introduction by both authors and shares a bit about the 5 Love Languages from Gary Chapman. Maybe you or your spouse doesn't have a lot of imagination to come up with ideas to reach out within those love languages. If that is the case, this book offers ideas in each category. At the back of the book there is space to record each thing you did in the categories and any notes that you want to keep about that idea.

I think this book is a little pricey for what You Get Me has to offer at the $9.99 retail. I also think the ideas are some basic, standard ideas. I was hoping for something different. At the same time, I think this would be a good gift in a basket along with The 5 Love Languages as a wedding shower gift. It is a book that I think would be best for someone just learning about the love languages and in a new relationship. I think my husband would use it more than I do because he has a harder time thinking up ideas. We will see.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishing. All opinions within this review are my own.