You Get Me Review

Book Review: 

YOU GET ME was sent to me by Moody Publishers, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
Northfield Publishing published this little Christian self-help book, co-written by Gary Chapman and Jen Mickelborough. It was illustrated by Jen Mickelborough…She said that she wrote the first version of this book in a little spiral-bound notepad sixteen years ago. Gary Chapman is the writer of the New York Times Bestseller, THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES. He also is known for his worldwide seminars and speaks on over 200 radio stations. I went to his seminar years ago, when my husband and I were in the early years of our marriage. I can say he is extremely knowledgeable and very inspiring.
In this little book there are “Simple, Romantic Ways to Speak the 5 Love Languages”. There are 21 practical ideas for each of the five…WORDS OF AFFIRMATION (my love language), QUALITY TIME, GIFTS, ACTS OF SERVICE (my husband’s love language), and PHYSICAL TOUCH. Gary says that you can have more than one language. But, most people have a primary language above all. There are several cute suggestions that I would love for my husband to do (My favorite is DAILY AFFIRMATIONS – one compliment every day for a month.) And, one I know he loves is SWEET RELIEF – massage and especially back scratches…lol.