Before You Quit Review

Book Review: 

"Before You Quit" by Doug Gehman is a great read on hanging in there and not giving up when things get challenging in your situation. Whether in a difficult job, tough marriage, problems with children/parent/other difficult person, struggling in health or finances, the book is a timely read.

Around 170 pages, many topics are covered, including:

- How to distinguish between our goals and God's goals.
- The key for us attaining God's goals for our life is perseverance.
- Living with an eternal view influences us how we use our time and the way we treat other people.
- True and lasting joy is found only in the Lord (AMEN!).
- Followers of Jesus Christ are to behave differently from others.
- Life is more satisfying when we slow down and enjoy it.
- Slowing down, resting, and creating margin in our lives helps us to better deal with life's annoyances.
- God expects us to develop our skills for His glory.
- The Christian believer's ultimate goal is to live for God's glory and not the world's acclaim.

Full of good spiritual insights, practical suggestions, and examples from the author's life and the lives of others, the title is a timely read. The book will challenge and encourage you to hang in there and endure until the Lord changes things. A great read, especially in a day and age of disposable relationships, eagerness to cut and run when things get challenging, and a tendency to whine and complain too quickly over petty annoyances.

Highly recommended and will read again sometime. I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.