Your Future Self Will Thank You Review

Book Review: 

“Your Future Self Will Thank You” is a great title on combining the Bible and brain science for practicing self-control in our lives. Whether social media, eating, working, social life (having to constantly be around people), people-pleasing, material possessions, etc., we all need to practice self-control in at least one area. Just over 200 pages, the title addresses many topics on self-control, including:

1. Self-control is about listening to and obeying God.
2. Knowing God’s purpose for your life is very important for strengthening self-control.
3. Satan’s temptations are about shortcuts while God’s ways to fulfillment require faith, humility, trust, and patience.
4. Suggestions for improving willpower.
5. 3 tips for defeating procrastination.
6. Developing one habit at a time is more effective than trying to do several at the same time.
7. While we cannot earn salvation, we are to exert effort in our sanctification.
8. Various ways technology can disrupt our lives and ways we can counteract the challenge.
9. Cardinal rules of habit formation.
10. Focusing on just yourself leads to ruin.

Well-written, flows smoothly from chapter to chapter, and a great balance of combining the spiritual with the practical, the title is helpful read with great insights and good humor. Some books I have read in the past were too full of pious platitiudes and not enough practical application. Sometimes I wonder if some authors spend too much time trying to impress people with high-sounding phrases. Some folks may not like too much practical application (somehow sounds too worldly), but we can learn from other’s experiences and insights or can have some things we already done reinforced by what the author is saying. This book is a welcome change.

I received a review copy from Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.